Fingertip Control

For precise operation of attachment tools, the second auxiliary control circuit is electrically proportional – optional from TC16-2 and upward. The driver exerts extremely precise control via a joystick (Schaeff Fingertip Control) – one special feature that is normally seen only in excavators of a higher class.


With Schaeff-specific construction features, damage is avoided right from the start: Because of the upper position of the top-mounted cylinder, there is never contact between the piston rod and the loading edge when loading trucks. The Knickmatik™ cylinder was deliberately placed on the left so it is protected from damage in case of a collision. The boom can be swiveled to both sides at fill digging depth.

Large glass area

The new XL cab (ROPS/TOPS-certified) offers room and comfort like the “big ones”. For quick entry, the console can be raised for more space to get in the cab. The footwell offers place enough – even for shoe sizes 15 and larger. In general, the workplace can be individually arranged to the size of the driver. The large glass area allows optimal visibility of the attachment tools and the work environment. For optimal communication on the construction site, the right window can be opened to floor level.